Computer Cut Vinyl Signs

Computer Cut Vinyl Signs

Computer cut vinyl can be applied to many different types of sign panel materials. Add to that the many choices self-adhesive vinyl films available (performance grades and colors, including reflective), ... we then must decide which is best for your signage needs.

The more popular sign panel materials are (starting with the basic, lower cost materials):

> Political posterboard materials,
> 4 mm to 10 mm Corrugated Plastic,
> 3/16 inch high-grade Foam Core,
> 0.015 inch to 0.060 inch Styrene,
> 2 mm to 19 mm PVC (similar to the PVC waterpipe except with a lighter, foam cell structure),
> 1/2 inch to 1 inch MDO Plywood,
> 0.080 inch (most durable and popular thickness) Aluminum,
> standard Acrylic (ie Plexiglas),
> Nonglare Acrylic,
> Polycarbonate (ie Lexan),
> Luster Board (an aluminum skinned plywood),
> Aluma-Lite (an aluminum skinned corrugated plastic),
> DiBond (an aluminum skinned solid core plastic),....

The above listing of sign panel materials are only those we commonly use. Many of these options have color options (including clear) to consider. Keep in mind that most sign panel materials can be coated-out in a vinyl film, or in some cases painted, to change sign panel background color as desired. The proper sign panel material is usually determined by the following factors: the "look" of the panel surface, life expectancy, permanency and environmental conditions which surround the location in which the sign is installed.

Now with that subject discussed, let's talk about the most important part of a sign... How Does It LOOK!!

Bring, fax, e-mail your ideas and sketches... or give us a call to get started.