Exhibits/ Trade Show Signage and Displays

If you’ve been to a trade show, you know that you have a very brief time to attract your customer’s attention among the noise and bustle of a trade show floor.

Display Panels (structure)
We offer several solutions to attract customers to your booth from a simple table top display to a more extensive, fully-customized floor model.
All of our exhibits are built for shipping convenience and ease of assembly. The last thing you want to worry about at a trade show is your exhibit setup and condition.

Graphics and Layout
Of course, having a suitable, good-looking display panel structure (which you may already have) is only the first part of the trade show setup. Next comes the attention-getting POP (Point-of-purchase) graphics and layout. What message must you embed in the minds of the trade show attendees?... CREDIBILITY... CAPABILITY... SUITABLE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES
We Can Help!
Provide us with your basic information (desired look, copy, theme, etc.) and we can create panel covers (skins), information boards, product detail graphics, and so on... in either cut vinyl graphics or large format, full-color digital prints applied to suitable (usually flexible) sign panel materials.
Please contact us for details.