Monument Signs (Electric)

Monument Signs (Electric)

Internally illuminated, ground mounted monuments signs are normally electric cabinets mounted to a concrete pad or on short concealed steel posts.
Generally this type of sign is used as Identification Signs for businesses, schools, facilities, etc. . We offer a large variety of shapes and sizes. We also offer cabinets that have multi-messages. Internally illuminated cabinets with Electronic Billboards, or Reader Board faces with changeable Zip style letters, are ideal when you want to change your message periodically for very little extra cost.
Most of the cabinet applications will use high output fluorescent lighting. These lamps are very energy-efficient and have the life expectancy of 1 to 2 years.

Plastic Faces for Cabinets:

Plastic face materials ... there are three basic types: acrylic (Plexiglas) (the least expensive), high impact acrylic, and polycarbonate (Lexan) (the most expensive). Polycarbonate is the toughest and most durable (impact/ shatter resistance) and comes in the largest material sizes, however it will yellow/discolor faster with sun and time. For smaller applications we recommend the lower cost 3/16 inch thick acrylic. For larger applications we recommend 0.150 inch polycarbonate.

Vinyl marking materials ... translucent vinyl is the most common and most appropriate marking material is also significantly more expensive when compared to standard opaque vinyl marking materials. If absolutely minimal cost is the highest priority please keep the following points in mind as you specify the layout (design) of your face:
-- background colors which coat-out the majority of the surface area add significantly to cost.
-- for short-term markings, opaque intermediate or premium vinyls may be usable
-- keep complexity of graphics to a minimum (ie: using; drop shadows, borders, many colors, logos with lots of detail will add to cost of sign).